Joellen: My 2 Month Update

Note:  Joellen wrote this last week but we are just now getting it on the blog.  She wrote this while we were still back in Fort Lauderdale.  We currently are in Miami now. 

Update on Hermie and Crabby…they are still alive but like to sleep a lot.  We have to feed them food about once every week. I am starting to like Honey the cat more and more and more.  The first thing I do every morning is go look for my sweet Honey.DSC_1287DSC_1271Also Cam catches two lizards about every day and its really really gross when he pulls their tail off. We are starting to sail every day. Also I can steer the boat really really well now.

Our Nana and Papa came over to stay with us and we took them out to sail with us and they loved it. Here is my Nana at the helm.DSC_1260  We have gone out to sail in the ocean about nine times. I have made a favorite spot to sit up top on the sailboat I think it is really fun to sit there.DSC_1329 My room can get messy very very easily so I have to clean it about every day. We got a grill on the boat about a week ago. I like to read my books a lot. Cam and I like to go on neighbors boats a lot.  One of them has a dog named Willy he is really cute. Another thing about Honey is were ever she is I am in the same place. And now I just jump off and on my boat. We have a dodger and it gives us shad on a really sunny day.  Maria is starting to talk a lot a cute things she says are yeah boat and my bathing suit also turtle Bahamas. I am excited about going to Miami then the Bahamas.

12 thoughts on “Joellen: My 2 Month Update

  1. Hi Joellen,
    We love hearing about your adventures and seeing the great pictures. We were excited to hear you enjoy Thea Stilton books. Melissa loves them and Jeronimo Stilton also. She is now reading The Journey to Atlantis. That is the one where the Thea sisiters have to help the blue boy get back home. I bet you would like that one because it has to do with the ocean. Keep us updated on your adventures. –Kelly & crew

  2. Hi Joellen ! So happy to hear from you ! Glad that Hermie & Crabby are doing well ! How are Bert & Bob ? Have they had a race lately? Bet you miss Honey – she really loved you. What are the new Miami cats names? Wonder how many new cats you’ll find in the Bahamas? Have you & Camden gotten any new books on your kindles? Is Maria still walking around saying ” happy Maria” & ” yea boat”? Papa, Aunt Joni & Uncle Tom & I LOVED sailing with you all ! Hugs to all ! Love you ! Nana 😃😃

  3. Joellen,

    It sounds like you are having so much fun! I love seeing you reading on your sailboat. I wish I could come join you. It is still cold in Indiana. Have a safe trip this week.

    Miss you!
    Mrs. holtsclaw

    • Mrs. Holtsclaw,
      Hi!!!! It’s Joellen. I miss you so much. I am reading all the Thea Stilton books. I’ve read almost all of them. I read all the time on the boat. How are you?

  4. Hi Joellen-
    How are you doing? I think it sounds gross when your brother pulls off the lizards’ tails too. We started science again. We are learning about simple machines. A lot of people in our class have been thinking about you. Are you excited about leaving the country? I miss you.
    -Conner 😀😢⛵⚓

    • Hi Conner. This is Joellen. What is a simple machine? I think of Cherry Tree a lot. Please tell everyone from class I say hi. Yes, I am excited about about leaving the country. I am most excited about seeing fish, dolphins and sea turtles. I sea turtle swam up to our boat today and last week I saw a ton of dolphins right near our dinghy. Tell everyone hi from me.

      • Hi Joellen,
        A simple machine is something that makes work easier. A pulley, ramp, and screw are all simple machines. I bet you have pulleys on your boat to raise the sail. Today was the first day of ISTEP testing. I want to leave the country too so I don’t have to take any more. I think ISTEP stands for Indiana’s stupidest test ever produced. It was pretty easy today. We did the math part. I’m pretty sure Kori and Ashton miss you and so do other people.
        Sometimes when Mr. Friermood is reading a story and there’s a girl talking he makes his voice sound like a girl. It’s super funny. I miss you. I really like dolphins so I hope you see a lot! I’ll talk to you soon.

  5. That does look like a great spot Joellen! I love your sweet little Honey, she is so cute! It seems like you have grown up a lot in the last few months!
    How wonderful to have a visit from your Nana and Papa! I bet that made everyone happy! Give your family a big squeeze from me! Love, Mrs. Piper

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