Joellen: Bye bye Cherry Tree

DSC_0033My last day at cherry tree elementery was December 20.  It was a fun day because we had a Christmas party. But it was also a sad day because I had to say goodbye to my friends and my teacher.  I will miss my classroom as well.   There is a cowch in our room that I like to read on.  There are lots and lots of lamps all over the room that I love.  I also liked that my teacher reads us great books.  He makes me want to read more.  Here is a picture of me with my asome teacher.DSC_0043

And here is a picture of my first grade teacher.  I love her sooooo much that I sometimes go to her room before school starts to give her a hug.  I will miss her hugs.aholts

I’d like to say bye one more time to my friends at school.  I have made some really really really really great friends!!!!!!!!!  I miss you allready.

15 thoughts on “Joellen: Bye bye Cherry Tree

  1. Hey Joellen, have you been still going to school in your kitchen? Will you be going to school everyday exept weekends or whenever you and Camden decide? I really miss you please type back

    • Kori, so great to hear from you. I came to Cherry Tree to see you and Ashton told me you moved to Kentucky. I was so sad I did not see you. My mom’s best friend lives in Louisville. Can we come visit you next May or June in Kentucky? I miss you sooooooo much. Thanks for writing. Does your mom have the same email? My mom tried to email your mom but it did not work. Thanks! Love, Joellen

  2. what is your favorite room on the bout???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Joellen,

    I will miss your hugs too! Have you guys left on your sailboat?
    I’m so excited to hear about your adventure. I hope you write lots of posts.
    Miss you,
    Mrs. Holtsclaw

  4. Cool looking classroom Joellen! Saying goodbye is hard. (Remember I cried when you guys left?) But you will have some really neat stories to share with your friends along the way. This is a great way to stay in touch with everyone! Love ya- Aunt Jenny

  5. Joellen…You are doing awesome with your first 2 posts! I enjoy reading about you and your family. This is going to be such a wonderful experience for all of you!

  6. Sad to leave your friends , but you will carry them with you along your way( blog, photos, FaceTime etc). Look how much you all can share. Exciting times to come! Love you ! Nana : )

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