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We are in the process of building a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section and would like feedback on what questions you have.

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23 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Thanks for sharing your story and good to hear you caught alot of fish!! Tom, Maggie and Mike are good friends of ours and used to Captain for Tom when we lived in Florida. Sounds like you had a blast!!

    • Mambo…Mambo…Heading back to FLA January 7. In late January we will start heading south from Fort Pierce. Destination: Biscayne Bay. Want to come sailing with us there? Not sure if we will stop in Fort Lauderdale or just keep sailing straight to Miami. But of course we must see you. And if you also want to sail over to Bimimi with us we’d love it.

  2. Hey joellen I just wanted to say that I got you another e-mail. So maybe we can e-mail eachother and see what’s new and exiting are you going to go to a apartment or you’re going to stay on you’re boat. Please type back.

  3. Looking forward to seeing you. And my dad said he wants to visit you guys on the boat. I miss you guys. I will try to give you another e-mail.Kori

  4. Hi Joellen how are you? I just wanted to say hi. Are you going to be going to the same places next year or go to other places? Where will you be going next? Have you made some new friends yet ? Will you go to another volcanoe? I bet it was fun to see it. Did it have a name? I hope we can talk soon please contact me when you get the chance. Bye.

    • Kori,
      I’ve been trying to email you but it won’t go through to your mom’s email. I want to come visit you next June in Lousiville. Can you give me a different email I can try? Joellen

  5. Hello Hat ! We think of you guys often. What a wonderful family. We have also returned to Florida three weeks ago ( Port Canaveral) and plan to get underway again in Oct. probably see you again in the Exhumas March thru June. Good luck on your next venture and don’t give up the ship. Rick and Patti , Good Fortune

  6. MARC oh my gosh!!!!!! I don’t even know how I stumbled upon your journey – I think on Linked in or somewhere but wow wow wow!!! So amazing! I just spent the last hour reading the blog! So proud of all of you and your family! I miss working with you way back when but truly this beats making signs doesn’t it! BRAVO! Sail Away my friend! Sharon Brooks

  7. We had a wonderful day and evening with Jay and JoAnn in Venice, Florida. Learning all about your sailing
    and now on your blog, thanks to Jay. I love reading about your days, and sending hugs, love, and prayers
    Take Gentle Care, Judy Deering

  8. Marc, this is such an exciting new chapter! What wonderful memories you are building for your kids. I look forward to reading about your family’s adventures. God Bless you all and safe travels!

  9. I love checking in with you all. So happy that you all got to Key West! Marty, the girls and I were there about four spring breaks ago and loved it! You can tell Camden that Marty got pulled from the audience to help with a trick at Mallory Square! We are actually in the car headed to IN right now for a quick weekend! Miss you!

  10. Hi Joellen how is everything ?
    where is the next place you are going?
    Have you swam a lot?
    I wonder when we will see each other again. I hope it’s soon!
    I miss you soooooooooo much.

  11. Dear Konesco Crew — sounds like all is going well as you’re getting ready to set sail. Good luck and strong winds. Maddy wanted to know how you do laundry on the boat and what is the favorite meal on board? Also, where is the big flat screen TV, I didn’t see it in any of the photos? The Massa’s

    • Hi Greg! So fun to hear from you! Tell Maddy that we do laundry up top on the deck in a small plastic blow up baby pool. Our favorite meal on board is tacos. But instead of using shells we put it over pasta. And no tv on board. 😦 But we do have a portable DVD player that the kids use sometimes. And we also do family movie night on Fridays. Nothing like people huddled around a little screen. 🙂
      Hope you all are well.

  12. Hi Marc !
    Todd the Dockmaster at blind pass marina St. Pete beach here. You are so blessed with a beautiful family. Hope all is going well. Everyday is truly a gift that’s why they call it the “present” Thanks for taking the time to “e” mail me and giving me your link. I get such a “kick” out of the kids comments. Reminds me so much of my childhood and the strong bonds a family develops at sea. God bless!
    Todd Nye BPM

  13. Hello from the Hales!! Have enjoyed “catching up” on your journey today. We wish you well and look forward to reading more about your adventure. Good luck and be safe!! God bless you all!

  14. I hope I did this right! I want to be notified of new blog posts via e-mail. Happy sailing! I am loving your blog, Jen!

  15. Dear Mark and Jenn, we wish you much success in this new adventure.. God be with you and keep his watch over you always, Enjoy!
    Donna and David Evans

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