Here are books, websites and other references that we found useful.


Maiden Voyage, by Tania Aebi

Spark Your Dream, by Candelaria & Herman Zapp

Boatowner’s Mechanical and Electrical Manual, by Nigel Calder

References / Experienced Sailors  Blue Water Sailing School.  There are many sailing schools out there but through much research and talking with cruisers, we found BWSS to be the best.  Ben & Teresa Carey were our delivery captains and trainers.  Can’t recommend them enough. – John and Amanda Neal – Consultants who helped us on so many levels from boat selection, to boat outfitting, and other contacts.  They have logged 313,000 ocean miles and have  38 years worldwide ocean sailing experience. – Tom Harney our broker.  He has been so much more than a broker and his experience, dedication and commitment to Jen and I have gone way beyond our expectations.  In many ways, he is like an “adopted” father who is looking out for me his “adopted” son as we moved into uncharted waters.

Websites     A great blog written by our delivery captain Teresa Carey that covers all aspects of sailing.  A blog written by a liveaboard who helps you get the most out of your galley, featuring practical galley tips, recipes, insights and equipment recommendations.  A blog written by a mom who is cruising the South Pacific with her husband and 3 children that she homeschools.  A blog written by a mom who is cruising the Caribbean with her husband and 2 little girls.  A blog written by another mom who is cruising the Caribbean with her husband, little girl and 2 twin girls on the way.  An online forum community of cruisers from around the world.  Great research site.

Business that reached out to us and asked to be included — We excell at supplying an extensive variety of products and services to both sail and power enthusiasts alike.  We also offer a full in-house marine, architectural rigging and spar facility. (and they are in Buffalo were I was born and raised.


******Copied from Kids4Sail facebook group (recommend this group for lots of good information)***********

s/v King Cephalopod

Matt, Ana, Farah (10), Zelda (8)

Currently in the Caribbean, heading to the South Pacific


s/v Ushuaia

Tim, Circe, Julia 13, Zach 9, Oliver 5 and Asher 3.

Currently in the Caribbean


s/v Alchemy

Caribbean cruising with children with stops for ice cream and legos


The Riddle Crew

My blog:

Jim, Kristianne, Merrik (8) and Maliea (5). We are currently looking for a bigger boat and plan to sail south and points west in 2016. My husband and I cruised from San Diego to Marquesas, Tuamotus, Societies and Hawaii 2000-2002.


S/V Fata Morgana

Mira, Ivo, Maya and Vick. Six months ago we had zero sailing experience. Stopped work and school. Sold the house and everything else. Jumped on our first sailboat. Sailed to Cuba, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and the Bahamas. We keep going!

Like us @



S/V Amzer Zo

currently in Mexico with our boys Leif (5) and Morten (2), heading to Cuba, Bahamas and Europe


S/V Nadejda

Located in Ketchikan, Alaska.

We are Peter (Dad), Molly (Mom), Caleb (14), Adelaide (12), Annika (10), Katie (9), Elaine (8), Michael (5), and Gabe (4).


S/V Evenstar

We are the Porters – B.J., Kathy, Will (16) and Danielle (13)

Currently (Feb 2014) in Panama, headed to Costa Rica, then the Galapagos and points West in March.


S/V Thin Line

The Young Family

We are Cory, Jessica, Colby (14) & Peyton (8) currently living in Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, FL

1979 CSY 37

We are selling the house right now and buying our first boat soon!!!

kids ages: 13,12,12,12,4


s/v Pollux – The MacDonald Family: Tim, Jen, Jack(14), Ben(12), Connor(9)


S/v Makai Jackie and Eric with Roy (12) Genoa (10) Marie (8) and our dog Topaz



s/v Perry – Matt, Jen, Conrad (7), Mark (6)


s/v Necesse : Eben and Genevieve, daughters Arias (3) and Ellia (1).


s/v Totem – Behan & Jamie, Niall (14) Mairen (11) and Siobhan (9)


S/V Miss Behaving – Justin, Deb, Hayley (10) & Riley (8) aboard.

We’re Aussies sailing around the world. – you need to join the group if you want to see it. Just shoot me a message too……


S/V Kaizen with Gordon, Lara Dustin Scriba, Logan (3.5yr), and Osian (5months).


M/Y Morning Star with Fiona (almost 10) and Jack (7)


S/V Dafne, Lani and Paul with Stella 11, Cleo 9, and Jade 5




s/v Bass Voyager


s/v Shalimar


s/v Shell Belle, Dan, Shelley, Alexandra (11 mos), Sebastien (3)


s/v Rebel Heart – Charlotte, Eric and Cora (3 years) and Lyra (5 months)


S/V Por Dos – Mark, Marta, Alec (12), Roan(12)


s/v Monashee – Scot, Sara, Alexander (14), Christopher (12) and Katie.  Heading from Florida into the Caribbean October 2013.


s/v Excellent Adventure — Jason, Laureen, Rowan, Kestrel, AuroraJobhopping from CA to TX, so far.


S/V Fezywig — Erik, Emily, Karina, Alison, Sarah Jane, Eli, Lily are toodling around the Caribbean through spring and then who knows?


S/V  ECO  —  Crissy, Jay,  Mara 8,  Dylan 6 –   In Bimini heading to the Exumas


S/V Taia — Natalia, Ernesto, Camila, Matias (English) (Spanish)


S/V Wondertime — Sara, Michael, Leah (8), Holly (5)

From Seattle, WA to Auckland, NZ. Currently working on cruising kitty.


s/v Adamastor – Jess, James and baby Rocket (coming up to 7 months)

Prepping for the Pacific crossing next month. Currently over 2 years and 11,000 miles into our adventure so far 🙂

S/V Salty – Carly, Carl, Capri (4), Cali (2), +1 due March.

in the bahamas waiting on birth, then caribbean, mabye down to chile



s/v Majestic ~ Cindy, Doug, Zach (age 9) and Naia (age 3)

Annapolis, MD  Chesapeake Bay


s/v Let it Be — Jack, Nicole, Marietta (3.5), Jack B (1.5)

Been sailing for 5 years in Caribbean from Columbia to Eastern Seaboard, just moved into bigger boat and preparing it for circumnavigation.  Heading to Sea of Cortez in the fall for a couple years to grow the kiddos then it’s into the Pacific.


s/v Namaste~Cindy, John, Journey (12 1/2)

Port Ludlow, Wa. We are leaving on our adventure to Mexico and the South Pacific. We are leaving in August 2014.


S/C Tango – Andy, Robin, Madi (13), and Peyton (soon to be 9)

From Portland, OR – cruising from MD to FL and Bahamas – soon to cruise in Pacific NW