The Crew

DSC_0168 Marc

Marc is from Buffalo, NY and moved to Indianapolis in middle school.  Marc is a big hockey guy, so it’s pretty amazing that sailing is his true passion.  After college, Marc signed up for Outward Bound’s sailing school in Maine with absolutely no sailing experience.  And that was it…he was hooked.  Marc and Jen moved to Richmond, VA when they got married and sailed every weekend they could on the Chesapeake Bay out of Deltaville.  For the last few years while being back in Indiana, Marc & Jen and their best friends Mark & Jessica co-owned a sailboat on a lake.  But Marc has been itching for bigger waters and can’t wait to experience cruising as a family.  Other than sailing and being a dad and husband, Marc’s other main interest in life is his faith.




Jen hails from Marietta, Ohio and met Marc in college at Miami of Ohio.  It took Marc over a year to finally notice Jen, but she finally reeled him in.  Jen still calls Marc ‘quite the catch’.  Jen gives Marc the credit for her faith, and a fun fact is that Marc is actually Jen’s godfather.  Growing up on the Ohio River, Jen has always loved the water and boating.  But she never would have been exposed to sailing if it wasn’t for Marc.  Jen loves to cook, read and do anything on the water like kayaking and scuba diving. But Jen’s main hobby is DIY projects like refurbishing and painting old furniture.  Jen cherished every moment in Costa Rica and hopes the family can visit there again soon.  She’s excited about moving back onto the boat to visit many islands they did not get a chance to visit last year.  And she’s excited for her parents to come visit in the Exumas in late April.



Joellen is 10 years old but is an old soul.  She is mature, calm and pure sweetness.  Joellen needs her alone time and is often found off in a quiet spot reading.  Wherever this girl goes, she makes friends very easily because of that sweet demeanor.  Joellen is not into organized sports, but flourishses when in nature.  Being on a sailboat or swimming in the water often brings out Joellen’s “wild side”.  Joellen is a natural sailor since she spent a lot of time in the womb on a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay.  Joellen had to share a bedroom with her brother and sister while in Costa Rica.  She says loves living on the boat because she gets her own room.  Joellen loves reading and crocheting.










Camden is 8 years old and is a ball of energy.  He loves being around people and needs virtually no alone time.  Camden is the world’s best big brother and dotes on his little sister Maria. Cam’s favorite pastime is fishing.  He would prefer to be on the water (ocean, lake, pond…it just doesn’t mater) with a fishing pole in his hand than any other type of sport.  He’s grown to love soccer since living in Costa Rica for 6 months, but his true passion is fishing.



Maria is “the baby” but is growing up fast.  She is 3 years old but can hold her own.  Maria is no longer a shy toddler and she does not know a stranger.  All that meet this little blondie comment on what a snuggler she is.  Maria attended preschool in Costa Rica so now speaks as much Spanish as English.  We sure hope she doesn’t lose it.  Maria loves the beach more than any of the rest of us.  Without a doubt Maria’s favorite pastime is playing in the sand every day.  For this little one, the more sand in the hair and diaper, the better.  We’re in the midst of potty training, so hopefully soon, just sand in the hair and not the diaper!