13 thoughts on “Current Location

  1. Looks like you made it safely to Bimini- YEA ! ! Your patience paid off ! Now relax abit, after exploring. 143 🚢😄🌅

  2. Adagio,
    Returned from California , had a great week with my grand children. What’s your weather window to Bimini ? Everything up an running?
    Let me again offer my services in anyway.

  3. Hi, we met at No Name Harbour in Key Biscaine. We are the New Zealand Family. Glad all is well with you. We are in Nassau hoping to head to Abacos and Grand Bahamas in a couple of weeks.

    • Alex,
      Wonderful to hear from you. We will be in The Abacos for another month. Would love to see you all. Safe travels up here. The Cruisers Net on VHF channel 68 at 0815 in the morning is fun here in The Abacos.

  4. Wanted to see where you were on your birthday!!!! Looks like a great location for the new 39 year old! Hope you guys are having fun…looks like you are and enjoying all the challenges you are facing. Hope to talk soon.

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