Camden: Bye Friends!

DSC_0023This is my clas.  Well not my class anymore.  I miss them.  I had a Crismis party on the last day of school.  We wached the Poler Express and drank hot chocklet.

This is my seckend grade techer.  She is asome.  I wish she could fit in my sootcase.  She makes me smile like ckraze.DSC_0029

This was my first grade techer.  She writes on my blog and I love it.  I wish she could fit in my sootcase too.DSC_0018

Thes are my Kindergartin techers.  I loved having two techers.   I still get hugs from them.  Maybe they can fit in the sootcase too.DSC_0012

4 thoughts on “Camden: Bye Friends!

  1. Cam, you will be missed by Henry and me! We will both check in weekly to read the latest details of your awesome family adventure… I’ll have Henry write to you, too! While you are just days away from beginning your warm weather voyage, we are preparing for a big winter storm!! I’ll stick my toes in the snow while you and your mom stick yours in the sand…

    Be safe, have fun, and be helpful! You will be quite the sailor when you return!
    Mrs. Dentino

  2. Camden, this is so much fun being able to follow you on this exciting journey. I will definitely be checking in with you each week. Sail safely and have fun, fun, fun!! Tell the girls hi for me, too! 🙂

  3. What a nice post about Cherry Tree. We will certainly all miss you and your family. But how great we can still keep in touch. I think maybe I should’ve climbed in the Uhaul that last day of school! But it was probably stuffed, and I wouldn’t have fit. I hope you had a nice Christmas.

    P.S. I’m glad you decided to write the post this time. 🙂

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