Baby It’s Cold Outside

jen and teresaBrrrrrr is an understatement.  This photo says it all.  That’s Teresa Carey in the foreground and me in the background.  Teresa is half of our awesome delivery captain duo.  She and her husband Ben are helping Marc and I sail our boat from Virginia to Ft. Lauderdale.  Ben & Teresa have sailed in every kind of weather and even sailed to an iceburg once.  So when Teresa kept saying to me “It’s wicked cold out here”, it made me feel a tad better that I was not just being wimpy and that it truly was freezing out.  And this was during the day!  Knowing that my first night watch was approaching in a few hours had me shakin’ in my foul weather boots.

Here’s a picture during a warm (relatively speaking) day.  This foul weather gear really cuts the wind.  But since we are heading south, we won’t need it much longer.  Woo hoo!DSC_0110

Here’s a picture of Marc and I with Ben (I guess I didn’t get the memo to wear yellow).  I truly can’t say enough about Ben & Teresa Carey.  If you want to learn more about them, I’m going to create a blog post dedicated solely to them.  They are sailors, filmmakers and the cutest couple you’ve ever seen.  Stay tuned for more about this VERY inspiring couple.

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