How Low Can You Go?

southernmost pointThe answer is…in the US you can’t go any lower.  We just got back from a quick 2 day trip to Key West.  We drove down instead of sailing because Key West is really down there so it would take us a few days to sail.  And we are tight on time, hoping to head out of Fort Lauderdale as soon as we can.  Marc and I have always wanted to go to Key West and it did not disappoint!

Each of us had a different favorite part about Key West.  And here they are…

Joellen:  The animals!  There are a plethora of animals roaming Key West and Joellen had her cat, dog and rooster radar on high frequency.  Saturday afternoon while Marc, Maria and Camden went for a swim at our hotel pool, Joellen wanted to walk to the local post office where a lot of roosters gather.  Only Joellen would choose roosters over a swimming pool.  That girl is so cool.DSC_1156DSC_1203DSC_1159DSC_0941DSC_0948DSC_0724DSC_0769DSC_1069

Camden:  Mallory Square!  In the early evening, street performers gather in Mallory Square and there are multiple shows going on at the same time.  Cam was in hog heaven with so much activity, and he ran from performer to performer and back again.  Cam’s favorite was a guy balancing on cylinders and boards while juggling sharp and jagged “Freddy Krueger” type knives.  Camden and Joellen were even selected to be volunteers in a cat show.  Cam was thrilled to be in the spotlight and Joellen was excited to be around more cats.DSC_0913DSC_1098DSC_0863DSC_0990DSC_1030DSC_0921DSC_1003DSC_0919

Maria:  The aquarium!  Maria is REALLY (make that REALLY!!!!) into turtles right now.  So, the small but mighty Key West Aquarium was right up her alley.  She was inches away from sea turtles and screamed and ran in place when she saw them.  This aquarium is perfect for young kids because all the tanks are low and there are some that the kids can touch.DSC_0783DSC_1227DSC_1230DSC_1237DSC_1238

Jen: The town!  My favorite part was riding the “train” and walking all over Key West.  I loved the architecture of the homes and the quaint feel of the island.DSC_0779DSC_1150DSC_1144DSC_0814DSC_0819DSC_0801DSC_1208DSC_0780DSC_0778And only on Duval Street would you see a man running with a piano.  Not walking.  Sprinting.DSC_0776

Marc:  The sunset!  No surprise Marc’s favorite part was the sunset celebration at Mallory Square.  There is nothing better for Marc than a beautiful sunset with boats sailing past.  It truly was magical.DSC_0726DSC_1044DSC_1051

And here are some other photos we took that I wanted to post so I could capture these two special days forever.DSC_0755DSC_1110DSC_0825 DSC_0976 DSC_1076 DSC_1143DSC_1117DSC_1122

12 thoughts on “How Low Can You Go?

  1. Love all these pictures! Those three put a smile on my face every time. So happy that everything is going so well for all of you. You are always in our thoughts & prayers!

  2. My kids got a big kick out of looking at the pictures of the boy and girl with the parrot on their shoulders! They enjoyed seeing all of your pictures, especially those of your kids. They think you take cool pictures and said they want to come back to see updates!

  3. Great photos….. Key West is a different world….Marc you should read the book by Flagler about building the RR to key West. Alot of History and crazy what they had to do.. But some of the bridges still standing so they were well designed…

  4. Wonderful photos!! They should be a video for Key West tourism. (Not to mention beautiful people- sorry, I’m predujiced). Amazing to see Joellen, Camden & Maria’s faces so engaged & enjoying every little bit. They are learning so much! Jen, you are a terrific photographer- should enter them in some contest! Marco- I’m with you – it’s all about the SUNSET!!!! 🌅 143

  5. Love Key West! Your storytelling and wonderful pics brings me back – thank you! Always praying for each of you, your journeys and adventures! Continued blessings!!

  6. Loved your pic’s and comments. I LOVE Key West,Bills cousin has a place in the Truman Annex. and we love it all from the post office chicks to the Conch Train to the French cat man….hurry up,take your time. We had hoped to go there this winter but other things intervened ! Have fun..N

  7. So many cool pics, just priceless! I can’t stop laughing about the one with Maria on the lap of a shall we say pirate? Lol! So funny!

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