Camden: Bahamas Bound

This is our last day in the US for awile.  I am very exided about The Bahamas.  I’m stil hoping to see a shark.  And catch fish.

We have had fun in Miami and Biscayne Bay.  2 days ago I caht this crab in Elliott Key.  I named him CJ (Cam and Joellen).  He did not live throu the 102But I did catch a hermit crab.  His name is Ernie.  He is now frends with Bert and Bob.  Joellen and I cleened our hermit crab cages and put in fresh sand from the beach at Elliott Key.  Bob and Ernie swiched shells!!!!!!!!!!!  That was crazy!!!!photo 111

4 days ago our great friend Mr. Chip sailed with us.  He was our boat naybor in Fort Lauderdale.  He is really cool.  He has a boat and a motorsikle!  He likes to sail really fast.  Thank you for sailing with us Mr. Chip!!  DSC_1586He loves little kids, espeshaly Maria.DSC_1593

Mr. Chip gave me my own benaculrs and I use them all the time.  There are a lot of boats in Biscayne Bay and I love to spy on them with my benaculrs.  There are also lots of police boats and helicoptrs.  I love to spy on them too!!!!DSC_1607DSC_1613One of my favorit parts of the day is brekfist.  My mom makes crepes every morning.  Mmmmmm!!DSC_1632

Joellen’s favorit part of the day is visiting other boats that have pets.  Here we are with Coco the bird on anothr 101Maria’s favorit part of the day is Daddy reading to her in the 104My favorit part of the boat is the bowsprit.  I think I will sit here a lot in The Bahamas looking for sharks and 105I will try to write agin soon. – Camden

Jen and Marc update: We are leaving at 3 am tonight so that we arrive in Bimini with the sun above us.  (Easier to see the depth color changes and reefs.)  Also, if we have engine problems, it’s better to have a whole day to make repairs versus being in the Gulf Stream all night.  We will have wifi in Bimini so we’ll get a blog post out this upcoming week (can you picture us doing the internet dance?).  Yesterday we sailed to a marina and filled up on diesel and water for Adagio, gas for the dinghy, bait for the fish and ice cream for the kids.  We are ready to set sail and do this!

13 thoughts on “Camden: Bahamas Bound

  1. Cam, You did a great job telling us about your adventures so far… Sierra will be excited when you do see a shark. I saw many sharks when I was diving near Bimini….Marc you will have to master the ring game at the Hemmingway bar on Bimini, you could even set one up on the boat…simple and cheap fun…advanced level if you have waves…

    • TR – We were just at the Hemmingway bar yesterday and played the ring game. When are you guys coming to visit. We would love to have you guys on the boat. Let’s make it work.

    • Mr. Chip,
      We didn’t end up putting the fishing poles out on the way to Bimini. But we did see dolphins. And I’ve seen lots of sharks here in Bimini!!!!!
      – Camden

  2. Camden,
    It seems you are as adventurous as your Dad and maybe a little crazy like him too. Tha’s a good mixture you can experience all the joys this world has to offer. Ryan has an older and younger sister just like you. He can understand your frustration and fun of this. We can’t wait to find out what sea creatures you see on the way to the Bahamas , keep a list. As always, you,your sisters and parents are in our prayers. –Kelly & crew

  3. Cam,

    Our boys always brought home crabs from Florida. It’s cool how they switch shells! I wish I was getting to watch for dolphins. What’s the difference between a dolphin & a porpoise?

    Have fun! The dogs send kisses!

    The Campbells

  4. Camden, Loved your blog ! How’s Ernie? Funny how they switched shells ! Does he get along with Bert & Bob ? Your own binoculars- lucky you ! Keep me posted on what you spy on. Can’t wait to hear about Bimini. I bet the water will be very clear & you’ll all be able to see fish ( dinner?) & maybe even a shark? Ask Joellen what she is reading ( Melissa likes the same books that she does). Tell her to write in the blog too. Glad your hammock is back up- Maria looked so happy in it. Give everyone a hug for me. Write again soon! Love you ! Nana. 😃😃😃

  5. Dear Cam and Joellen,
    I can’t wait to hear about your first night at sea. I know all of this is very exciting for both of you. Much love and kisses to all of you, Miss Teggie

  6. Cam,
    So cool you now have your own binoculars. You can now look for boats with pets. YUM – wish I were with you for morning crepes. Have lots of fun in the Bahamas and keep us posted on your hermit crabs. Love you, Mimi

  7. Love this posting! I can truly see your adventure through everyone’s eyes. Thank you for sharing. God Bless You and safe sailing!

  8. Cam,

    That is soooo crazy that the crabs switched shells!!! How long did it take you to figure that out?? Oh man, that is cool!
    I bet you are having so much fun with your binoculars, they are so fun!
    I hope you catch a fish and see a shark ( from a safe distance.) 🙂
    God Speed Konesco’s!!! We miss you all bunches!!!

    The Pipers

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