Who’s At The Helm?

The answer is…we all are!  Well, except for Maria.DSC_0543DSC_0556cruise2DSC_0587DSC_0568Today was a great day at sea.  The winds were 15 knots, the seas were 2-4 feet and the sky was blue as could be.  The kids had a tinge of seasickness even with Saltines and Sprite in their bellies and motion sickness bands on their wrists.DSC_0575Not a whole lot to report today so this post is mostly just pictures.  Here is a picture of Fort Lauderdale beach in the background from our stern.DSC_0559And here I am with Joellen while Camden was steering and Maria was running around the cockpit yelling “Barney dance!”  Even though we have no tv, Maria is still obsessed with that purple dinosaur.DSC_0584When we were coming back into the channel, the cruise ships were all heading out to sea.  Wow are these puppies big when they are moving and you are right next to them and your boat is the size of an ant in comparison.  Pretty neat.DSC_0600DSC_0602.2DSC_0603cruiseI’ve had friends ask how we keep Maria still while we are doing important things like anchoring and docking.  Well here is the answer.  We put her in her portable Fisher Price high chair in the cockpit and feed her anything that will keep her entertained and quiet.  Today she wanted milk and cheese, so milk and cheese she got.  Our rule when anchoring and docking is that all kid hands, feet and hineys are plastered to the cockpit cushions.DSC_0618DSC_0623DSC_0640Today was another successful one of docking.  Our dock slip is fairly narrow and Adagio has some wide hips.  And did I mention the canal is tight with lots of boats with big anchors on the bows?  Yikesers!  But Marc is a docking champ and fits her in here like a glove.  Here we all are celebrating sailing, maneuvering around cruise ships, docking and installing our new grill!!!  (Our oven does not work well so a grill is a must.)DSC_0685DSC_0610DSC_0613Marc and Camden cooked up some burgers and dogs and the grill gets an A+ rating from us.  This week we are busy finishing up projects so we can sail out of Fort Lauderdale and be on our way in the next 2 weeks hopefully.

9 thoughts on “Who’s At The Helm?

  1. Hi Joellen and Cam,

    Bridget is here and she has a few questions for you:

    What color lizards have you been finding?
    Have you found any cool sea shells and what do you do with them?

    She also wants me to tell you that you are the best cousins ever and that she misses you.

    Love you!
    Aunt Jenny & Bridget

    p.s. WHAT?! Your mom is letting you drink sprite???

  2. Ahhh…it’s nice to visit your blog on a real internet connection! Ha. I absolutely love seeing your pictures and reading details of what you’ve been up to- makes me not miss you guys as much. Really, I get excited when I see a new post! Just wanted to say hello and that I was thinking of you. Sounds like things are going really well. Talk soon.

    Love, Jenny

    By the way, I’m laughing at the no television thing- we’re going on 4 months now without it. At first I (we, the kids too) missed it, but now it’s not a big deal. (We do watch movies, though!) Can’t wait until we can get outside and explore without bundling up in a bunch of layers! Enjoy that weather and feel free to send some of that sunshine our way. 🙂

  3. Greetings to the Konesco family from the Christiansons and Schmenners. We are in Marco Island, FL thawing out after January in Carmel.
    We’ll be following your blog. Great descriptions and photos.
    All the best,
    Bob & Mary, Rog & Barbie

  4. Now you have 4 Captains! WOW! Great steering, Team Konesco! Love the new grill. I’m sure it will be put to good use! Freshly caught fish next? 143 💝💝💝💝💝

  5. You are missing the winter of a lifetime here in Carmel! Over 50 inches of snow so far. What fortune you had in picking this year to go sailing. We are enjoying your adventures so far. I am very glad you have installed many safety features on the boat and have rules to keep the little ones from having an accident. We know you are having a great time and learning a lot. God speed!

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