Bienvenido a Miami!

Yes we are alive!  And we are in Miami!  I always pictured myself one day going to Miami and it being like the Will Smith video “Welcome to Miami”.  You know, driving down the street in a convertible, hitting South Beach and salsa dancing till the wee hours of the morning.  Reality check…we drove down the street yesterday in a rented Ford Escape to go to a Publix grocery store, we are rockin’ a small beach with our 3 kids in tow and in the wee hours of the morning Marc and I are getting up multiple times to check dock lines or our anchor.  But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I know we have been MIA for over a week.  But we have been without internet.  Agghh!  It’s a strange feeling to be unplugged for over a week.  I’m currently sitting in a marina lobby in Miami with a slow connection that is churning at a snails pace.  But I’m enjoying these two hours of alone time.  Sweet Marc has the kids back at the boat and I’m sitting here working on the blog and doing laundry in an actual washing machine at the marina.  A true luxury!

We left Fort Lauderdale last Sunday morning.  Waves were expected to be 4-6 feet so we gave the kids Dramamine.  It knocked them out cold.  See below photos of sleeping kids…DSC_1335DSC_1336We rolled into Miami (literally rolling with BIG waves in the channel) about 5 hours 102photo 103photo 105My parents (the kids call them Mimi and Jaybird – my dad’s name is Jay) came on Monday and spent the night with us.DSC_1383DSC_1398 We had a great time sailing, going to the beach, watching the kids explore and our new ritual of game night at the salon 104DSC_1440DSC_1412photo 100DSC_1428DSC_1450The kids cracked up when Jaybird tried the SUP (stand up paddleboard) and his skinny legs were shaking like a leaf.  But he managed not to fall in the drink.DSC_1467Thanks mom and dad for visiting us and getting to experience our life afloat.  We miss you already.

Quick update on our plan: we are hanging out here in Miami until probably early Tuesday morning.  Tuesday currently looks to be the best weather window to cross the Gulf Stream.  We will leave Miami around 4 or 5 am and sail straight to Bimini in The Bahamas.  Depending on wind direction and speed, we should get there in about 6 hours.  We will of course take every safety measure, but extra prayers from family and friends would be appreciated.  Getting internet in The Bahamas will be very spotty so don’t worry if you don’t hear from us for awhile.

I’m writing one more post before we leave on Tuesday.  Keep a lookout for it.  Over and out.

11 thoughts on “Bienvenido a Miami!

  1. Marc, Jen, and Crew,
    Wishing you all the best on your port call in Miami. Like Kelly, I have been following your expedition closely. I wish you all a personally-rewarding and safe voyage — which I am confident you will have with Saint Brendan the Navigator keeping an eye on you. With the custom of all sailors getting tattoos, have your kids picked theirs out yet? All the best,
    – George

  2. “Who me worry” ( famous words of Afred E ). Not worried because of Faith & two well trained sailors with the best laid plans. Love following your exciting adventures ! Way to go, Jaybird ! Godspeed, Adagio….. 143 😃😃😃

  3. We love reading your blogs.We are so happy for you. Forget the circus I think I want to run away and be a stowaway on your boat. Exploring the seashore, being on the water and game night …it can’t get any better then that. As always we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Love Ya, Kelly and crew

  4. Love the updates and learning about your ongoing adventures! Good luck & stay safe! We miss you all and Sherlock says hello 🙂

    • Hi Lora! Oh we miss that sweet Sherlock. Joellen misses petting him through the fence. We hope you are well. Please tell Bruce we say hello. Is Ryan getting excited about college and Pitt baseball?

  5. It was so good to hear from you salty sailors! Ha!ha! Isn’t it funny how laundry becomes quiet “alone” time! Love it!

    For the record, I could totally see you in a Will Smith Video! Your version of Welcome to Miami paints a sweet picture in my head as well though!
    So glad you had a good visit! I can’t wait to hear of your upcoming adventures! God Speed Friends! Love to you All!


  6. To Marc and the rest of his family/crew,
    Fair winds and following seas and long may your big jib draw.
    This is Greg Garten, your cousin TR’s buddy. TR told me about your adventure and blog about two weeks ago while we were skiing. I’m all caught up and waiting for more. Sounds like it will be life long memories. Not to mention a lot of fun. Hope you get to see the “green flash” some sunset.

    • Hi Greg. Thanks for following our blog. We would not be doing this if it was not for TR. He put the bug in Marc’s ear with adventure. Marc has always looked up to TR as a role model. And you are blessed for having him as a friend. I’m sure you are wicked cool if you are friends with him! Cheers, Jen, Marc and crew

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