Camden: Captain Dinghy

I had soooo much fun driving the dinghy yesterday.  I could only go slow because the sign said I had to go really slow.  We had to blow up the dinghy more – Daddy did that.  The dinghy and my motorboat had a race – Daddy was the driver of the dinghy and I drove my boat – I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We crashed under a bridge.  We learned that you should not go to the left or right of a bridge – the middle is deeper.







Update on Hermit Crabs

Bob and Bert like their new home.  They drink a lot of water and poop a lot.  Bert likes to climb a lot and Bob fell out of a box at Homeschooling and it was my Mom’s fault.

Pee tank

I touched pee yesterday.  I was scared that it was going to fly out of the hose.  The holding tank got filled up and we had to clean and empty it.  It was gross.





We are learning about King David and Goliath. The book is really fun because it is all about getting nice and getting bad.  I don’t like it when my Mom teaches me handwriting.  If I have at least one hand writing bad, she makes me write it again.

Best Part / worst part of first week

Best part – Honey the dock cat may come onto the boat tonight because it will be chilly outside tonight and we bought cat treats and that is really cool.



Worst part – Maria likes to ride on Joellen’s back like a horsey more than she likes to ride on my back like a horse.

I am looking forward to my nana and papa coming tomorrow.

I am getting to go to a kid sailing school that will be sooo much fun.

We have a new goal as well, to be buried in the sand at every beach we go to.


My new friend Ben


Playing Clue



Marc comments – Cam did a great job on driving the dinghy.  I am teaching him and can’t believe how responsible and serious he is taking his role.  Speaking of how seriously the kids are taking their roles, Jen and I are so appreciative and impressed how the kids are all taking their chores and responsibilities.  The crash under the bridge was a small bridge that we went under and we hit a sandbar thus learning a good lesson on where to cross under a bridge.  Regarding the pee tank, we have holding tanks on board that need to be emptied from time to time.  This requires a pump out mechanism so think of the hose as one long toilet that then goes into the same line as a regular toilet.  Note – he really didn’t touch the urine since it is all enclosed in a hose.  Jen is an awesome homeschool teacher and I am so impressed by her and how excited the kids are to learn in this fashion.  They are truly thriving.  Regarding the sailing school, we have enrolled Joellen and Camden at Sailors Point.  It will be good for them to understand more and to become functioning crew members.  All is well living aboard.  We are focusing on getting into a rhythm of how to live on a boat.  Next week, we will focus on docking the boat and practice it again and again.  We’ve docked her before but we want to be 100% comfortable.  In early February we plan to sail down to Miami and Biscayne Bay to spend a few days out at anchor in order to continue building our confidence and completing the safety check list that Jen and I want our family to complete.  Then sometime in late February / early March we will sail to the Bahamas.  Till next time.

A boy after my own heart!



Jen comments:

1. Even though Marc is holding his nose, emptying the head holding tanks doesn’t smell.  I don’t want any of you reading to be grossed out.

2.  What?!?  Camden, how was Bob falling out of the Math flashcard box my fault?  🙂

3. Camden, I’m so proud of you for driving so responsibly on the dinghy!  Will you teach me?


11 thoughts on “Camden: Captain Dinghy

  1. Hey Camden! I miss you guys sooo much, but it sounds like you are having a blast! I used to have hermit crabs and they are a lot of fun to have! I hope you are having a great time and say hi to everyone for me:)

  2. Camden – I wish I was with you. It is so very cold and snowy back here in Carmel!! 😦 I want to be buried in the sand, too. Thanks for sharing all of the cool things you are doing. It looks like you are having so much fun!! 🙂 Be safe!

  3. Thank you for blogging your grand adventure. It is so fun to accompany all of you on your journey. I can’t wait for each new entry!

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