What a Visit with Marc’s Padres!

So how often can a woman say that she really likes her in-laws?  Well this First Mate can.  And wow what a fun time we just had with Marc’s parents, Ken and MaryEllen (Mel).  Ken and Mel are in St. Pete Beach for the winter and jaunted down here to Fort Lauderdale for a few days.  Truly one of my favorite times ever with Ken and Mel.IMG_7334We always joke that Ken & Mel have twice as much energy as Marc and I do.  So we knew they’d be game for any activities.  We had a great time going on dinghy rides, eating Kilwin’s ice cream (sorry Ken for the pricey ice cream bill), having dinner on our dock with another cruising family (more on our new friends in the next blog), beach walking, watching gator wrestling, holding a young alligator and taking a tour of Fort Lauderdale via the sternwheel boat The Jungle Queen.  While there is not much to blog about in this post, the bottom line is that we had the best visit with Marc’s mom and dad.  And it was great for Marc’s parents to get a glimpse of what our life is now like living on the water.  The kids were so bummed when Nana and Papa left and kept asking when they were coming back.  Here are a bunch of photos from their visit.  Ken and Mel plan to come visit again in February and we can’t wait for their return!IMG_7323.JPGIMG_7328IMG_7327IMG_7336.JPGIMG_7344.JPGPicture 013Picture 018Picture 010IMG_7255IMG_7234IMG_7176 (1)Picture 064Picture 050Picture 060Picture 030Picture 033Picture 037IMG_7198Picture 039Picture 052Picture 059Picture 067Picture 072IMG_7260IMG_7276.JPGIMG_7256 (2)

6 thoughts on “What a Visit with Marc’s Padres!

  1. Absolutely love your blog! It is such a treat to see pictures of Joellen, Camden, and Maria and have an idea of what you are all doing. Keep them coming.

  2. Looks like you guys had fun with Marc’s parents! Jack is in Denver with my mom & dad this weekend. Stanton is in a rodeo tonight.

  3. Ken and Mel, it must be a great feeling watching (and being a part of) the different directions your kids are going and all the adventures they share with family and friends….

  4. Cam, did u you finally find something to be afraid of on this trip?? 🙂 I love your expressions holding the gator! Looks like you had a great time.

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