Our First Week Under our Belt

This past week has flown by.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been on the boat for nine days now.  Even though it’s next to impossible to get things done on a boat when you have three kids, Marc and I have actually managed to get some items checked off the “to do” list.  And the kids have checked many things off their to do lists too, like going to the beach, playing lots of pretend on the boat, exploring the dock area and meeting new friends.

Here is a quick recap of our past week aboard Adagio.

We passed our first week of boatschooling with flying colors.  I think we all have been surprised at how much we all love it.  Many thanks to all my homseschool friends back in Indianapolis who encouraged me and told me we could do it no problem.

Here I am attempting to teach Joellen and Camden outside.  BIG MISTAKE!  Way too many distractions like lizards scurrying everywhere, people in their dinghies driving by on our canal, Honey the neighborhood cat, the pool 4 feet away from this outside table, and the list goes on.DSC_0014DSC_0001DSC_0010I learned my lesson, so we now have to conduct school below deck where there are less distractions.  (But note that the hermit crabs attend class.) DSC_0085DSC_0098DSC_0086

The weather is beautiful in Fort Lauderdale in the winter.  70s and 80s every day, which makes for happy Konesco campers.  The kids have non-stop entertainment on and off the boat.  Their imaginations are going wild living on the boat and being surrounded by so much nature.  We also are expecting Joellen and Camden to help out a lot more than when we lived in a house.  They do the dishes, they sweep the floors, they shoo the birds away from the top of the mast (more on this later), they fill the water tanks with the hose, they play with Maria while Marc and I are cooking, they read to Maria, they check the weather forecast on the VHF radio in the morning, and the list will grow once we are living off the dock and out at sea.  We are so proud of them since they have not complained about helping and are eager to pitch in.DSC_0105DSC_0100camDSC_0062DSC_0067DSC_0081

So how is Maria adjusting you may be wondering?  We’ve never seen her so active and talk so much.  She loves the boat and does not mind wearing her life jacket at all.  And she loves running around the pool that is right in front of our dock.  And of course she is obsessed with the local cat and runs around outside yelling, “HONEY, HONEY!”  I think it is a sure bet that when we eventually move back stateside, our family will be adopting a cat.  Maria has also taken a real shine to Mr. Ken, a boat worker originally from Dominica (a small island south of Antigua and Barbuda).  He has been helping Marc put up the child netting around the boat so our wee ones are less likely to fall in the big drink.  And of course Maria is loving having Marc around all the time.DSC_0021DSC_0030DSC_0193DSC_0045DSC_0041DSC_0050DSC_0203

The only negative has been the crazy birds that love to sit atop our mast and do their business on our deck.  Wow this is some powerful fecal matter!  If you don’t spray it off with the hose within 5 minutes, you have purple stains that is next to impossible to get off.  I feel like Wile E Coyote against the Roadrunner, never succeeding in killing these little thorns in my side.  Marc hoisted this “scary” eye ball up the mast, which is supposed to scare away the birds.  I hear them during the day mocking me as I hear ping after ping of their droppings explode against the white deck.  Luckily I love to clean so twice a day I’m up on deck spraying with the hose and squirting some toxic spray on the excrement in hopes of restoring our deck back to white again.DSC_0125DSC_0148DSC_0154

This past Friday we had our first visitors, Bill and Marilyn Stober from our church back home in Indianapolis.  We are good friends with their daughter and her husband, Laura and Kevin Klee.  We loved having them aboard!  Thanks for the visit Stobers!DSC_0039

One of my favorite pastimes this past week has been watching Marc out of the corner of my eye.  It’s like Father Time turned back 20 years and Marc is a young lad again.  For those of you that know Marc, you know that he is always young at heart, is carefree and is 99.9% of the time in a great mood. But this is like happy Marc on steroids.  I love my Marc but I love him even more on the water.DSC_0146DSC_0054DSC_0137

Update on the Jenster…I too feel years younger and can’t stop smiling.  Life is good and I thank God every day for this blessing of living aboard with my family.  They say one year on a boat with your family is like 10 years on land.  You are living in extremely close quarters where you are 25 feet or less away from each other at most times.  But I’m loving every minute of it.  I know we can’t do this forever, but I am just so grateful we can do it for a period of time.  God is good!

20 thoughts on “Our First Week Under our Belt

  1. Jen, your blog is so fun and informative at the same time! Looking at all of your pictures…I can just feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and the happy atmosphere. Your family bonds will surely only deepen with such a life enhancing adventure. Best wishes, Jayne

  2. Jen,

    You are becoming quite the photographer these days. Awesome shots! You sounds so happy and I am even more happy for you. I just read something the other day about being content and living in the moment without life’s constant distractions…it sounds like you’ve found this peace in your heart.

    Love ya!

  3. I am LOVING reading this! You can really tell how happy everyone is. You have captured this beautifully with your pictures! I can’t wait to hear more!
    Love, Mary

  4. Love catching up with you guys. I can’t help but envy you. If only Brian or I knew anything about sailing…
    I totally get what you mean about being the happiest versions of yourselves. It’s like the first day of summer every day with all the time and anticipation of great things to come ahead of you. How could you be anything but happy?!

  5. Just read Jens post, I can feel the “peace and happiness”. Yeah! And all the pics are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Marc kissing Maria melt my heart . 🙂 xoxo

  6. Great blog, Jen ! Love the photos, esp little nudie! Looks like school is going well- you are so organized. Neat to see the kiddos doing all their chores- way to go. I hear the Container store is Marc’s new hangout. Looking forward to hanging out ! Hugs to all ! 😄

  7. Jen & Mark, Love all the updates on your incredible journey. It is amazing how people change
    when the stress in their life is deleted. It is a joy to here that you all are so happy, except for those darn birds! Great idea on changing where you teach your lessons daily, I am sure I would get
    distracted outside too with so much to take in. Happy Sailing! Love to all!

  8. Hi! how are you doing? I am doing good. how was your Christmas? I hope you are having a good time.From, Alexandria

  9. Jen!!!! This is my first time to get on your website and I could not stop smiling at your sense of humor and ability to tell stories and the precious pictures of your family (my fav is Marc kissing Maria) We have been praying for you like crazy and thinking about you and wondering what part of your adventure you are on today! Thanks for sharing…I would be lying if I said I wasn’t envious of your balmy weather, access to the ocean and nature all around you. We love you!!! XOXOXOXOXO

  10. We are so excited for you guys. Sounds like it is just what you imagined. So envious of you. We will be in FL in late April and hope to get down there to see you. We’ll check with you before we start your way. Until then, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

  11. Hey guys, Looks like you are enjoying every minute of your new life. Good to see Mr Bill stopped by for a visit. You guys look great. Thanks for the update.!! Decolores

  12. Okay, I’m laughing at the picture of the backside of the 3 kiddos standing looking off the dock…specifically Maria! 🙂 Glad you guys are enjoying your time on the boat. And good call on having school below deck. Probably much easier that way!

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