Goals and first days …..

We are now 3 days into this journey as we moved aboard the boat this weekend.  We are having a great time and all are adjusting well.  We do need to watch our water usage as we have been using a ton.  Homeschooling is going great and Jen is doing an amazing job as the kids love it and are absorbing so much material.  photo (50)

I do have to say that I don’t miss the negative temperatures the last few days in Indiana along with the 12 inches of  snow.  Down here in South Florida, the weather has been much warmer.  The highlights have been seeing the boat, hanging with the the local dock cat named Honey,

 tabby colored cat,

going to the beach, finding friends (Ben is an 7 year boy and Abby is a 9 year old girl – perfect for our kids), lizard hunting (the count is up to finding 36), driving a remote control boat (thanks Nana/Papa – I was wrong thinking it would be bad on the sailboat – you were right),




playing games and just hanging out as a family.  We did get the trailer unloaded and returned.  For the first 3 weeks, we have a small apartment as we try to sort out where to put everything on the boat.  


It is a bigger challenge than I thought and the local Container Store is getting some good business from us.  Bob, Bert, Crabby and Hermie (the hermit crabs) are still alive and adjusting to constant love, affection and man-handling from 7 and 9 year olds.  Cam makes his crabs exercise more than Joellen, and I do feel bad as they have to race around the table.  We did have dinner with Pam Wall and plan to use her expertise since she sailed around the world for 5 years with her husband and kids.  She also is an expert on the Bahamas.  We hope to get the boat out for some docking practice and sailing late next week.  Onwards and upward into 2014 —

As many people set goals for 2014, I thought I would share our goals for this adventure service journey —-

1-To have the Lord lead us and focus on his will for the rest of our life fully trusting that his hand is leading this journey
2-To find clarity in #1 above on how to provide for my family post the trip and my next career path
Walking towards Boat
3-To just be
 *Note this is not me but I will replace this picture once I get my hammock up
4-Carefree timelessness with our family (check out this great book by Matthew Kelly discussing this)
 5-Allow our kids to see things outside of the “bubble” of suburbia
 6-To serve others by directly serving or inspiring others to pursue their dreams.  Achieve a good balance of adventure and service on this trip.
 7-To have and live a sense of adventure within our family
8-To become seasoned sailors and be comfortable in sailing our boat anywhere in the Caribbean by May of 2014
9-To form deep personal relationships with our kids and have a minimum of 3x a week of one on one time with each.
10-To teach our kids what Jen and I think they ought to be taught
 11-To Catechise the Catholic Faith to our kids and have them be inspired to love their faith
12-We want ourselves and our kids to live outside our comfort zones and live life to the fullest
  *and yes that is Cam
13-To appreciate nature and particularly the ocean to it’s fullest
14-To meet a variety of different people
all walks of life
15-To achieve a dream and to teach our kids to dream big and pursue those dreams

21 thoughts on “Goals and first days …..

  1. Marc,

    Thanks for sharing. Love your goals and that you put them out there for all of us to see. Now that means we can hold you accountable- ha! I have no doubt you will accomplish them (or already have checked some off the list.) Gives me motivation to sit down and really think about my goals….Great talking to you the other day!

    Love ya, Jenny

  2. Dear Jen and Marc, Not sure I can top your goals for 2014. I guess I have to rethink what I want to do this coming year. I loved reading your blog and I am so proud of all of you. The best part is the pictures all of us will be able to enjoy, keep them coming. I hope I can take a trip and see you this coming year. Not sure I can stay on the boat, remember I can’t swim and really have no desire to learn. Stay safe and tell the kids I love them.

  3. Marc and Jen, We enjoy the view into your world and adventure every few days…..I am starting to insert your faces into the stories as I listen to my Jimmy Buffett tunes…………….

  4. Sorry you had to miss out on our “polar vortex”, but it seems like you guys are getting along okay. Thanks for the blog updates so we can all live through your experiences. Kudos to you and your wife for chasing your dreams and we will be praying for you. God bless you and your family.

  5. Ahem….I see some serious problems with your goals. They aren’t SMART! Time to re-think, re-write, and them post them on the bulkhead and re-visit them daily.

    We’ve been having morning muster daily! How about you?

    And you are moving quickly! I didn’t realize you would be moved aboard by now. I thought it would be the end of Jan. Congrats!

    • We are a work in progress on the goals and maybe they should be called themes 🙂 Thanks for noting and we will work on. We are having a modified muster and working into a more full muster – The days have been about trying to get organized and unpacked as well as ensuring everybody is having a great time — Thanks for the congrats and thanks for all you and Ben have helped with.

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