Joellen and Cam: We Have Pets!!!


DSC_0007Today Camden and I got pets.  We each got two Hermit Crabs.  I named mine Crabby and Hermie.  Cam named his Bert and Bob.a2

We had to present are resons to are parents why we should have Hermit crabs – Here we are presenting are 7 resons —

1-They don’t poop and smell like cats

2-Easy to take care of

3-Don’t take up too much space

4-If we get bord we can watch them

5-They remind us of the beach and seasheells

6-They don’t eat much

7-Sleep alot

With these good reasons, are parents said that we could have Hermit crabs.a5

Here we are picking out are crabs.

a7They don’t like sun so we have to keep Hermie, Crabby, Bert and Bob in our bedrooms on the boat.

Funny fact…we have to keep them away from Maria so she does not kill them.

a6We can’t belive are parents let us have them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Life will be sooooo much better with are new pets!!!!!!DSC_0280DSC_0279DSC_0276DSC_0282

23 thoughts on “Joellen and Cam: We Have Pets!!!

    • Hi Mrs. Hett! This is Joellen. I’m reading a ton of Thea Stilton books. I’ve read almost all of them. I also am reading First Dive to Shark Dive! We will be sailing past Andros Island where the book takes place. Fun! I miss you Mrs. Hett.

  1. Just read your blog and love hearing about life on a sail boat. I know you have hermit crabs on the boat but do you also have a cat? If so that is so exciting. We all miss you and the family. Stay safe. Miss Teggie

  2. Joellen and Cam,

    Super excited that your parents let you have pets- that is way cool!! I bet Crabby, Hermie, Bert, and Bob are enjoying their view of life from a boat rather than from a pet store, ya think? It sounds like life is good for you all and we’re so excited for you. How is homeschooling going? Is your mom a good teacher? What is the best thing you have learned about so far (either from homeschooling or living on the boat?)

    We think about you guys all the time!

    Love you,
    Aunt Jenny

  3. And this is a note to Cam from Bridget. She got tired of typing (the one to Joellen took a LONG time!) so this is Aunt Jenny writing.

    Dear Cam,

    Do you still have the geode you found in our woods? I had fun sledding with you. You are the best cousin ever. How are you?

    Bridget Lynn Hanrahan

  4. This is a note to Joellen typed by Bridget 🙂

    dear joellen,
    what color lizards have you been finding? i hope I CAN SEE YOU SOMETIME
    your favorite color?


  5. Hi Joellen! I’ve been having so much fun hearing about your new pets and the beginning of your big adventure! We have had snow days all week this week! We go back to school tomorrow, but we have a 2-hour delay. Miss you already! -Mr. Friermood

  6. Joellen,
    I love your posts! Have you been sleeping on the boat? How have you made the boat feel like home? I liked your “funny fact”!!! I miss you.

  7. Hi Joellen- How are Crabby and Hermit doing? How about Bert and Uncle BOB? Did they enjoy their ride in the car? Where are you keeping them on the boat? Still think you should have a race and see who the fastest one is–ha– See you soon Love PAPA

  8. Hi Cam & Joellen,
    Congratulations on your new pets! This may seem like a silly question; but, can hermit crabs swim?

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