Turning 3 at Sea

DSC_1537I can’t believe our little Maria (nickname Rascal) turned three on April 26.  Even though we still call her “the baby”, it hit me on her birthday that she’s really growing up.  Marc and I comment on a frequent basis how much Maria has matured during our short time thus far at sea.  This was a low key birthday but one we will never forget.

The special day started with our dear friends Chip and Elizabeth and their dog Willy coming to visit us at Staniel Cay.  We met Chip and Elizabeth back in Fort Lauderdale.  Our boat was docked next to their boat Mambo and we became instant friends.  Despite only knowing them for four months, they are like family.  Chip and Elizabeth made a special trip down to The Exumas in their boat to visit us.  And the timing was perfect since they arrived just in time for Maria’s birthday.  Having them celebrate with Maria was the real icing on the cake.DSC_1678DSC_1593After breakfast we all went snorkeling at Thunderball Grotto and Maria loved it.  As all the fish swam around her, she squealed “Pish!”thunderballWe then had a birthday party on the beach and invited other cruisers we had met.  We headed to the beach and within a few minutes we could see all the dinghies in the distance headed our way.  Maria was so excited she started running in place.DSC_1149


Elizabeth waving like Princess Kate

I must admit that back in early March when we left Fort Lauderdale, I did not have the forethought to purchase birthday presents in advance.  Luckily Chip and Elizabeth brought a Barbie, a Little Mermaid and chocolate frosting with them after I sent them an urgent message two weeks before Maria’s birthday.  The e-mail went something like, “Help…I have no presents for Maria’s birthday and I forgot to buy frosting.  All I have is a cake mix and candles.  Please bring a Barbie and chocolate frosting.”  Somehow Elizabeth knew Maria would like a Little Mermaid more than a Barbie so she bought both. Turns out Elizabeth was right because Maria dropped Barbie like a hot potato and was all about The Little Mermaid.DSC_1167DSC_1164DSC_1178DSC_1174DSC_1269


Those aren’t bunny ears, that’s us showing “3”




No napkins needed to get off the chocolate frosting, just a dunk in the water



Maria sizing up which one she likes better




Without us telling her, Maria knew The Little Mermaid likes to swim

The day ended with a bath, fresh pjs and then a beautiful sunset.  The perfect ending to a perfect day.DSC_0985DSC_0990DSC_0976Maria, we love you so much.  You bring us so much joy and laughter every day.  We love your sweet voice, your bear hugs, your pig snort imitations, the gritting and showing of your teeth when you get excited, and your funny sayings like “Mia Happy”, “Oh Tay”, “BaHAmas”, and “Nighty Night Sailboat”.  We wish we could freeze time because we love every second of this tender age of three.  Happy birthday Rascal!


10 thoughts on “Turning 3 at Sea

  1. Happy birthday, Maria! It’s hard to believe you are and James are 3 already…where has the time gone. I still remember when your mom shared the news about you and we were excited to be expecting together. Sounds like the perfect celebration! Hope you had fun. And I think I may recognize those pjs from the picture as Bridget’s hand me downs- so sweet.
    Love you, Aunt Jenny

  2. What a wonderful birthday! I love that all the cruisers helped you celebrate it! I can’t believe she is three already! Time is just flying by!

  3. Your little Maria is just adorable! Jen, the photos of the Thunderball Grotto, Maria’s Birthday party on the shore, and you and Maria standing in the surf with that mountain in the background were absolutely breathtaking! My goodness, you could be a photographer for National Geographic!
    Love you all, Aunt Jayne & Uncle Joe

  4. Happy Birthday Maria. You may not remember all these special events in your life but the pictures will be with all of you forever. Stay safe. Teggie

  5. Happy Birthday again Maria ! 3 already – WOW ! What a fabulous birthday party on the beach! You look beautiful ! Love your little mermaid & glad she can swim with you. Snorkeling in that grotto looked really cool ! Wish I was there with you. Great to meet up with Chip & Elizabeth – such nice people ! Take good care! Love you all! Nana & Papa xoxo : )

  6. What a wonderful birthday – Happy #3 Maria! You all look so healthy & happy – God bless you! Thanks so much for sharing your adventure with all of us via these posts. We love receiving them & love all of you!
    Aunt Jan & Uncle Jerry

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