Joellen: Bimini to New Providence

We are currently in New Providence (island where Nassau is).  But Bimini was so much fun.  We hung out in Bimini for a week with lots of other sailboats, including our friends on Rafiki.IMG_2141Kathryn carried Maria around everywhere.IMG_2144We left Bimini last week with a bunch of other boats.  Here we are heading out of Bimini.IMG_2287We sailed all day across the Bahama Banks with the other boats and dropped anchor overnight.IMG_2316We got up the next morning and sailed all day to New Providence.IMG_2311IMG_2356IMG_2343IMG_2334Here we are passing by the Atlantis Resort (thanks Rafiki for all the pictures of us on our boat).IMG_2476We are now at Palm Cay Marina on the southeast side of New Providence.  I am having so much fun here hanging out with my friends on s/v (sailing vessel) Rafiki.  Tomorrow they leave and we have to say goodbye.  I am so sad because Alex is my best sailing friend.  She even wrote me a friend poem.  I will miss you Alex, Kathryn and Mr. and Mrs. Morrin!!!!!!!!  And my parents will miss you too.  I hope to see you next year somewhere on the ocean.DSC_2274DSC_2271DSC_2225DSC_2184DSC_2165DSC_2187DSC_1990DSC_2023DSC_2146DSC_2278DSC_0005

14 thoughts on “Joellen: Bimini to New Providence

  1. Hello Konescos! Loved reading all about your time with the missionary group. What an incredible experience. We miss you all and feel so blessed to have met you. Please tell Joellen that Alex misses her best sailing buddy too. Can’t wait to see you all again one day. Take care….

    • Oh do we miss you all. We’ve never made such good friends so fast. But this is not goodbye. We will see you in the future either on the sea or we will visit you in Ottawa.

  2. Oh my goodness – your photos and blog are like a marvelous dream come true! It must be like being on a continuous vacation! I would love to be with you! Love, Aunt Jayne

    • Come visit us – The invitation is open to all. Many times it is like a vacation but there are many things that make living on a boat challenging. Jen and I were talking about writing a blog on that topic. Great to hear from you and hope all is well.

  3. Joellen, I remember you and your family playing at the beach last year at Ft Desoto…..but, this year you can keep playing at the beach almost every day…wow
    Sierra, Aunt Dawn and I will figure out how to visit you and your family and you can teach us some of the great Sea Life lessons…Love Uncle T

    Marc, speaking of “wow” I remember one year ago at the Ka Tiki you telling me about your plans “dream seeds” and now the plant is growing fast …. enjoy, you and the family look geat!

    • TR – Thanks for the affirmation. You are the one who planted the travel seeds long ago and I continue to look up to you and your family. We would love it if you guys could figure out a way to come visit us. Looks like after this next cold front passes through today, we are heading down to Exumas for the next few months. That was a fun night at the Ka Tiki –

  4. Hi Joellen,
    Those are great smiles Elizabeth and I are seeing in the photos, you’ll be meeting so many kids your age cruising with Mom an Dad an family,cats, dogs, hermit crabs…..
    Willie has all his papers in order to come to the Bahamas, we will find you , Willie has a great nose.
    Keep up the great news an photos

      • Hi Joellen,
        We are planning on the 19th to be in the Exumas , not far away. Willie has a good nose, he’ll find you all !
        Our best to everyone

      • Chip,
        Great! We are heading to The Exumas on Thursday. We will still be on the northern side of the Exumas when you get here. So we will definitely see you!! Can’t wait.

  5. Hi Joellen!! Loved hearing from you ! Your blog & photos are super ! It’s amazing how many new friends you’ve made already. (Keep a list in your journal of their names & where they’re from & dates. YES, that’s a homework assignment! Tell Cam too). It’s hard to say goodbye, but keep them in your heart & hopefully you’ll run into them again somewhere out in the ocean. Have you been snorkeling lately? Any new conch shells? How are Hermie & Crabby doing? What books are you reading? Any new ones on your kindle? GREAT seeing your smiles today – love that FaceTime! Write soon! Love you sooooooo much ! xoxo 😃🐰🚢🌅😄🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰

  6. Hi Hi JoEllen–This is PAPA–Nice to read your blog–Where is Alex from? How old is she?–you mentioned she wrote you a poem– What was it about?–Did you like Bimini- Whazt was it like? did oyu see any new and different sea LIFE?– Write me back– Love PAPA xox

  7. Joellen,

    It is such a gift to make a special friend! I am so happy that you and your family were able to do so! The pictures are so beautiful! What an adventure!

    Love, Mrs. Piper

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