Interview with The Sailing Podcast

Recently, Jen and I were interviewed by David Anderson from the Sailing Podcast.  David is based in Queensland, Australia and his goal is to share real stories about sailing and cruising.  “The people he interviews share their story with the idea to help you realize your dream of sailing away.”The Sailing Podcast

Here is a link to the podcast which lasts just about an hour.

Below are the show notes of the topics that we covered.

David: “There were some very good lessons to take away from this interview with Marc and Jen. The topic of goal setting has come up recently in the interview with Jack Bouttell. Marc and Jen were very focused on achieving certain goals with their life and family. Part of the focus can be attributed to writing down their goals and looking at them every day because they were posted in the wardrobe.

I have a couple of suggestions of books to read about goal setting and how this helps to achieve success. The first is ‘The Miracle Morning‘ by Hal Roth and the second is ‘Life in Half a Second‘, by Matthew Michalewicz. Marc also mentioned during the podcast the well known book ‘Think and Grow Rich‘ by Napoleon Hill. If you have any recommendations on resources or methods that helped you achieve your goals please share them in the comments below. If people are interested I will share how I put my Miracle Morning routine together and how it has helped me to focus more on my goals.

Homeschooling was another topic we heard about from Marc and Jen. The teaching side of things seemed to have been coordinated by Jen and during the interview she mentions a post on the Love at First Sail website. This post ‘Boatschooling: What’s it really like?‘ lays out their experiences and also the resources Jen found helpful for homeschooling on the yacht.

The topic of homeschooling is a challenge for any family. Marc expressed how it was a major concern of his when they left to go sailing. It appears that everything turned out fine – actually it worked so well that Jen has continued with homeschooling after returning to land after their sailing adventure.

If you have any questions regarding homeschooling just visit and use the contact details there to get in contact with Marc or Jen, who were happy to help anyone out there putting their own family sailing trip together.”

Update: We are still renting a house in Asheville, North Carolina.  We love the mountains and all this town has to offer.  But our family is really missing the ocean and big water.  So we are toying around with the idea of moving back to Virginia to be closer to the ocean.  That is where we had our first sailboat and learned how to sail.  I’m glad we took a break from the water because we are realizing how much we miss it and feel that it is part of who we are now.21



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