Joellen Update

Written by Joellen

Right now we are in Georgetown, Exumas.  This is the most crowded place in the Exumas but we love it.  This is the most south we will go on our trip.  There are lots of kid boats here from all over the world.  I’ve become friends with kids from the US, Canada, England and Ireland.  My favorite thing in Georgetown is Volleyball Beach.  After everyone homeschools in the morning, all the kids get together at Volleyball Beach to play.  I’ve met a lot of really nice girls my age.

At Volleyball Beach my favorite thing to do is pet the stingrays.  Some are silky and some feel like rocks.  Once there was a baby stingray attached to the mother stingray.  The baby was upside down on the mommy’s belly.  It was really cool to look at.gggMy other favorite thing to do is swing from the tree rope.  My mom and dad get nervous because I climb way high up in the tree and jump down with the swing.  My dad especially doesn’t like it.  But I tell him I’m not going to hurt myself.  But once in awhile I scrape some skin off.DSC_0038I also come to yoga at Volleyball Beach in the morning if I do my math, spelling and handwriting the night before.  The first time I did yoga I fell off my towel and got sand in my hair.  And at the end of the class when I’m supposed to be laying down and relaxing, I get a little bored and sometimes start playing in the sand.DSC_0133One afternoon Camden and I made a fort at the beach.  We even made a swing and hung it in a tree.  The board seat of the swing has lots of rusty nails so again my parents got nervous and told us to be careful.  Camden and I plan to head to our fort again this afternoon.

A few days ago another kid boat planned a bonfire cookout on one of the beaches.  I cooked my hotdog too much and burnt it to its death.  But I still ate it.  Then we all roasted marshmallows.  I think I ate 6 marshmallows but my brother later admitted he ate 15.  That’s a lot.

On Easter we went to church here in Georgetown and then went to a cruising kids Easter party on Volleyball Beach that all the parents planned.  Here is a picture of all the kids.  I ate a lot of candy but again my brother ate more.DSC_0114

One day when Camden, Mom, and I were in town schooling at a coffee shop, we met a family from Chattanooga, Tennessee on Spring Break.  We started chatting with them and they were soooo nice.  They invited us over for dinner at the house they were renting and it was a lot of fun to be in a house again.  Then two days later we took them out sailing on our boat.  For most of them it was the first time they had been on a sailboat.  It was so much fun.aAnother thing I’ve been doing lately is renting my berth (bedroom) out as a hotel.  For $1.00 the person gets my room, a movie in the portable DVD player, a Diet Coke, two fruit leathers, and a candy of their choice (Mounds, Peppermint Patty or an Andes Mint).  Along with this, the person gets out of dealing with Maria in the evening, like putting her to bed.  My dad was the first to sign up.  Since he does all the boat repairs and heavy lifting on the boat, I told him he gets a free bonus night at the Joellen Hotel.  My hotel is so popular that I had to make a calendar and schedule.DSC_0335Camden tried to negotiate getting more candy on his night at the Joellen Hotel but I told him no.  Here he is negotiating in the hotel room.DSC_0333Another thing that is new is that I’ve been driving the dinghy more.  I used to be scared of driving it but now I like it.  Sometimes I get a little wild and Maria yells, “SLOW DOWN JOSIE!”DSC_0346

I also have been busy doing lots of crafts.  While we are sailing or even at anchor, Maria and I like to paint shells.  One day I had a great idea to paint my flip flops.  Maria of course then wanted to paint her Crocs.  The problem is that we accidentally used water color paints instead of oil based paints.  The Crocs dried in the sun but once we got in the wet dinghy, the paint went everywhere.  My mom and I washed the dinghy out with buckets of saltwater and then pumped the water overboard.  Oops.DSC_0069I really love Georgetown.  These two weeks have flown by.  We plan to leave here Saturday and start sailing north.  I hope my parents take us cruising again one day so I can come back to Georgetown.

14 thoughts on “Joellen Update

  1. Joellen, I’m just catching up with your blog today and am so happy to find a post from you. That picture of you driving the dingy brought a tear to my eye. I can see how much bigger you are; listening to your words and seeing you in that photo. . .you are truly growing up on the sea. I can almost feel the breeze. Sending you all love. Wishing I could be there to celebrate the upcoming birthdays. Give your Mama and Maria a special hug just from me. Oh, how I miss you guys tonight. (Annie is preparing to receive her First Eucharist on the 25th. You celebrate with us from afar that day and we will celebrate with you in our hearts on the next.) Until we meet again sweet girl! xoxox to the crew,
    Peace out,
    Mrs. McAllister

  2. Hi Joellen, I love hearing your view point. You sound like every day is an exciting adventure. –Safe sailing, Kelly

  3. “Josie” I like that nick name…Your reporting and supporting pictures are great….I want your life…….

  4. Wow Joellen,

    You really can capture a story with your words! I felt like I was right there with you!
    I used to make forts with my brother too! Ours did not have cool swings in them though! I also loved climbing trees and making my parents nervous when I was your age too!
    I was wondering if I might book a night in your hotel??? I love junior mints, just to let you know!
    You had better stop doing yoga, it looks like it’s stretching you taller and taller and allowing you to grow to fast! 😀 Thank you for the wonderful update, I really enjoyed it! God Speed!

    Mrs. Piper

  5. Hey Joellen,

    Loved reading about your adventures. Holy cow, that stingray was gigantic! How cool. Be careful on that rope swing, but it sure looks fun (remind your dad he did much more dangerous things when he was young-ha). Bridget says hello and that she misses you.

    By the way, don’t give up on yoga yet- good habits to get into. (I used to get bored too but now I love it.) Oh and I bet your mom enjoys the end just laying there and relaxing- the best part!

    Miss you all.
    Aunt Jenny

  6. Soooo proud of you, Joellen ! Learning all kinds of new things- making a blanket for Maria, finding & painting shells & making jewelry, yoga, building a fort with Cam & making your own swing , driving the dingy ( crazy driver?) & even earning money renting out your berth( can I make a reservation?). Not to mention – sailing, fishing & meeting people from all over the world! I love your spirit of adventure & especially your beautiful smile! Hugs to all . Love you! Nana 😄🌅🚢

  7. I just loved reading about your exciting adventures. Life is wonderful, you are amazing just like your wonderful parents and I think about you all and wish you all the great things.
    Love Linda
    “Zach’s Mom “

  8. Joellen, I LOVED reading your blog. It sounds like you are having so much fun. I would love to see more pictures of your crafts you are making. I wish I could teach in the morning and play on the beach in the afternoon. 😉 Will your mom let me be your teacher for a week? Miss you! Love, Mrs. Holtsclaw

  9. Awesome blog Joleen! I especially liked the part about Maria yelling: Slow down Josie. Made me smile. 🙂 What an enterprising young lady to rent out your berth. Take care and have fun, be safe and keep blogging!

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