Best Day Ever

This post is written by Camden.

Tuesday we left Miami at 5am.  But I was still asleep.  When the sun started rising, I jumped out of my bed, and I asked my dad if we could start trolling for fish.  He said yes so I got out my stinky ballyhoo for bait.DSC_0135I could not stop smiling because I was fishing and I was heading to Bimini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s my favorite place in the Bahamas.

About halfway across the gulf stream, a bird landed on the boat.  We named him Fluffy.  Maria really liked Fluffy.  She laughed when Fluffy was on the wheel and it looked like he was driving the boat.  He stayed on the boat for an hour and then he flew away.  I hope he made it back to Miami or over to the Bahamas.

We were 2 hours away from Bimini and we saw a HUGE weedline which means FISH!!!  My mom took the wheel and followed the weedline.  Joellen saw a wooden crate near the weedline so we drug our trolling poles past it and we saw fish under it.  That’s when we heard the reel go “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”!!!  Fish on!!!!!!!  We caught a 60 pound bull mahi mahi.  It was a fighter.  It even did 3 tail walks in the water.

Now I was really excited to get to Bimini!!!!  We all shouted Land Ho!  I love how the water turns more turquoise as we get closer to land.

When we got to the marina my dad carried the Mahi to the filleting station.  This sucker was heavy and my dad almost dropped it when he was carrying it.

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My dad did the filleting part because he says I’m too crazy with a knife.  Maria and Joellen kept the flies away with the hose.  2 sharks hung around eating all the scraps and finally the head.  It was awesome.

I went around and invited all the other boaters in the marina to a cookout.  There was so much Mahi that we had a lot leftover.  I even had a Coke to celebrate!  Best day ever!!!

22 thoughts on “Best Day Ever

  1. That’s awesome! We have not caught a single fish in the Bahamas…actually Connor has not been fishing since the last time we saw you in No Name Harbour. You have inspired us to start fishing. We will be in Georgetown soon…hope to see you there! Akula

  2. Cam, I’m jealous. That mahi is much bigger than anything I’ve ever caught. It looks like all the folks at the marina enjoyed eating it as much as you did catching it…
    It was awfully nice of you to share it with them..

  3. Wow…Great fishing Cam and Dad, (Capt. Mom) I like all the sport fishing lingo used in the adventure story, just like reading Saltwater Fisherman….I could use a blackened Mahi sandwich right now, anything to warm up our below zero temps……

  4. Way to go, CAMDEN!! You are best fisherman out there! See, patience is a virtue- it definitely paid off. That huge ballyhoo did the trick. Bet that Mahi was delicious ! Loved the photos (Mom) & especially all the smiles ! Nice that Joellen & Maria helped ( even if they thought it was “yucky”). Congrats also to Captain Marco on hauling it in- muscleman.! Happy sailing, Adagio ! Te amo !🎏

  5. Cam, this is the best post ever! How exciting for you! You have become QUITE the fisherman!! Mahi is my all time favorite fish I was imagining how wonderful it tastes. Hope we see you in June in Indy. Love to all, Uncle Bob, aunt Kathy and Sadie!! Xxoo

    Kath, from my iPad

  6. Great job Cam!!!! What a great way to start this year’s Bahamas adventure! Awesome photos and wonderfully written! I hope you continue to create more ‘best days’ and I look forward to reading many more posts by you, Joellen, your mom and dad (Maria may be a little young yet). Miss all of you! PS- how are the hermit crabs doing?

  7. Wow Cam! Way to go. You will be eating fish for a long time with that huge thing. We miss you here but are glad you are having a good time in the Bahamas.

  8. Yay Camden! Congratulations! That’s bigger than we have ever reeled in! Way to go! Can’t wait to see you in a month or so. Save some fish for us to catch!

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