Back in the US of A

We have been a little on the go lately.  We flew back to Florida from Costa Rica five days ago, then Camden and I turned around and flew out the following day to Charlotte, and now we are back here in Florida visiting with Marc’s dad.  Really good news: Marc’s excellent duct taping skills allowed our cardboard boxes to remain intact throughout the flights back to the US.  The boxes and the five of us made it back smoothly.

It had been awhile since I’d seen my brother Barry, my sister-in-law Andi, and my super cute nephew Anderson.  Camden and I found cheap flights from St. Petersburg to Charlotte so off we went.  For the last few days Camden and I hung out at my brother’s house (Marc and the girls stayed back here in St Pete).  Little Anderson loved having big cousin Cam to play with, and Camden loved being the big helper.  While the boys enjoyed playing trucks, we adults enjoyed relaxing, sipping on wine, and catching up.

Anderson is so cute and photogenic that I got a tad obsessed with taking photos of him.  I took over 250 pictures…thank goodness for digital.  And again, I was so busy snapping photos that I forgot to get in one.  DSC_0057


Here are a few photos of Camden and Anderson.

Thanks Barry and Andi for a wonderful visit.  We’ll see you in North Carolina in a few months.  Can’t wait to be neighbors!  (When we get off the boat next summer, we plan to move to Asheville, NC, about an hour west of Barry and Andi.)DSC_0152

What’s Next?  I’m here in St. Pete with the kids while Marc and his dad are currently on their way back here from Fort Pierce.  Today Marc and his dad and the marina dropped Adagio in the water in Fort Pierce, FL.  She has been dry docked all hurricane season so I’m sure she’s happy as a clam to be in the water again.  Tomorrow we pick up a rental car and drive across Florida to Fort Pierce to start floating again.  Tonight is our last night sleeping on land! 

5 thoughts on “Back in the US of A

  1. Good job MacGyver, I mean MarcGyver, I mean Marc with the boxes! Thank God you are all safe after all your adventures!
    What a cutie that little Anderson is, I’d snap a few hundred pics too!! Glad you are going to land in driving distance Konesco’s! Knock, knock! Who’s there?? THE PIPERS!!!😘😘

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